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‘Bunjil’ Eagle Gathering in Warrnambool

Happy Events Event Planner/Manager Ken McKean is currently organising an event involving 100 or more people to create a large shape of ‘Bunjil’ the Eagle, the Creator Spirit and ancestral being for many Aboriginal Clans in Victoria. It will be held 10th July in NAIDOC Week at Harris St Reserve, Warrnambool. All welcome. Cheers.

Warrnambool’s Newest Laneway Project

Warrnambool has developed it’s new Public Art Strategy. This involves a whole revitalization of the town with a variety of art projects involving both nationally and Internationally know artists and local Warrnambool Local Artists. The newest public art project is an innovative laneway project by Fiona Clarke, a renowned local Aboriginal artist/author of the Kirrae … Continue reading Warrnambool’s Newest Laneway Project

Event: Stop the Forced Closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities

“Stop the Forced Closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia” Happy Events Planning and Management’s owner manager Ken McKean has thrown his full support behind the above-mentioned campaign, by organising a protest rally in his hometown of Warrnambool on Friday May 1st, 2015. Over 90 communities across Australia and around the world joined this … Continue reading Event: Stop the Forced Closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities

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